Natural Resources

Millstone River Meadow

Montgomery Township’s identity is intrinsically tied to our natural resources – with the Sourland Mountain on our northwest border stretching to the Millstone River on our eastern boundary.  Our unique landscape of forests and farms, fed by 121 miles of streams and tributaries, make Montgomery a bucolic oasis in a very densely populated region. 

The Township has long prioritized protection of its natural resources and is a recognized State leader in farmland and open space preservation with over 7,900 acres preserved in the Township, including over 1,500 acres of County parkland and over 350 acres of State parkland. 

There are a number of departments and volunteer boards which protect, preserve, promote and manage the natural resources, waters, and wild animal resources of the Township of Montgomery and insure the public safety for all who utilize these resources, through education and enforcement of local, state and federal environmental, as well as domestic animal laws.

Here are some ways Montgomery Twp. departments and staff work to protect our natural resources:

The Health Department regulates private well and septic construction and maintenance to keep our drinking water, groundwater, and surface waters healthy and clean.

The Planning Department is tasked with supporting the Planning Board, Zoning Board and other resident-driven boards.  They guide the master planning process, whereby the town lays out what development types and levels are appropriate where, and review individual property projects in that context. Inspectors from Construction and Engineering visit sites under development to see to it that applicable regulations are followed.

The Open Space Coordinator, working under the Twp. Planning Director, oversees efforts to preserve farmland and open spaces, and manages conservation areas to enhance open space areas through land and wildlife best management techniques.  The Coordinator also manages the over 40 miles of public pathways in the Township with the Department of Public Works.  Another key role is coordination with volunteers on the Agricultural Advisory Committee, Environmental Commission, Open Space Committee, Shade Tree Committee, and Wildlife Management Committee, as well as Montgomery Friends of Open Space, and other area environmental non-profits.

The Recreation Department is tasked with management of the system of over 375 acres of parks within Montgomery Township, as well as activities and programs. They set public rules for park use and direct the Department of Public Works in maintenance tasks.

Animal Control works to ensure compliance with licensing, vaccination and leash laws, promotes the humane treatment of all domestic animals, and addresses nuisance and aggressive animal problems to ensure their safety and the safety of the general public. They also address public health and safety threats associated with aggressive, sick, and injured wildlife, as well as educating the public about wildlife behavior and habitat.

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