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Construction Dept Staff Aug 24 2022

This department is a Class I Agency with full-time inspectors for all subcodes and oversees commercial and residential projects for plan review, permit processing, and field inspections. This includes new buildings and additions and alterations that would require building, electric, plumbing, and/or fire permits.

Not all homeowners are aware that permits are required for small projects such as finished basements, raised patios, decks, and toolsheds. This creates issues, especially when the property is sold and a search reveals that work was done and no permit was applied for. When in doubt about requirements for permits, please call our office for guidance.

Though not a substitute for a phone call, this Construction Permits brochure may help a homeowner or builder determine when a permit is required for types of new construction, repairs, or replacements.

Most activities that require a Building Permit also require a Zoning permit (Online Application Form). Please inquire before you apply.


These setbacks apply to most outbuildings/sheds. Cluster developments are special situations. Please call the Zoning Officer (908-359-8211 ext. 2255) with any questions.

All sheds require a Zoning permit (Online Application Form). With submittal of the Zoning Permit Application, you need to provide a copy of your survey or plot plan that shows where the shed is to be located on the property with the required setback to obtain this approval.

Garden style utility sheds and similar structures shall be exempt from the permit requirements of the Uniform Construction Code provided the structure is 200 sq. ft. or less in area, 10 feet or less in height, has no utility (water, gas, oil, sewer or electric) connections and the shed is dimensionally stable without the foundation system. A shed shall be considered dimensionally stable if it is provided with a floor system that is tied to the walls of the structure such that it reacts to loads as a unit. It is recommended that sheds be anchored to the ground and have a 4” gravel base.

A shed larger than 200 sq. ft. needs a building permit. You need to file a permit application with a plot plan. This size shed must have footings 12” deep beneath it and it must be anchored. If it is pre-fab we ask for a brochure, if it is built then 2 sets of drawings must be included.

Please call the township regarding accessory buildings larger than 400 sq. ft.


This Guide and Requirements for Finished Basements apply to most basements.

These diagrams are supplemental to the text in the handouts and are intended as a usage guide only. Please call the Code Enforcement Office (908-359-8211) with any questions.

Tips on Recycling During Construction and Demolition

Please read this flyer for Recycling During Construction and Demolition for locations where you may be able to bring unwanted materials such as old appliances, furniture, scrap wood, etc.

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Building Inspector
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Electrical SubCode Official
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Electrical Inspector - P-T
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