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The efforts to recognize those who are dedicated to making a positive environmental impact on Montgomery Township has resulted in an annual Environmental Awards Program.  

Please see below for the categories and rules and how to nominate YOUR environmental champion!

2024 nominations are now open and due by 4 PM on Monday, April 1.

2022 Environmental Awardees

Purpose & Rules

To Recognize Community Figures Who Have Promoted Care and Concern for the Environment by Taking Positive Steps to Advance Environmental Protection and Education at the Local Level.

Nomination Criteria

For individuals, businesses and students who have made significant contributions to the Township in any of the following areas:

1. Climate Change and Clean Air: For efforts in one or more of the following areas and activities:

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions or equivalents through energy efficiency projects, clean energy vehicles, technologies and infrastructure, or green power purchases to reduce climate change;

Reducing air pollution emissions and/or reducing outdoor exposure to toxic air contaminants; and/or

Reducing air contaminants loading to land and water.

2. Water Resources: For efforts in one or more of the following areas and activities:

Improving surface or ground water quality and reducing pollution through stormwater and wastewater management strategies and technologies;

Reducing children’s exposure to lead in homes/schools or addressing emerging drinking water contaminants;

Ensuring sufficient quantities of water through reuse and conservation techniques and infrastructure; and/or

Promoting or developing land use policies, watershed management approaches and green infrastructure projects to improve protection of water sources or to reduce the impacts of flooding and sea level rise.

3. Healthy Ecosystems and Habitats:

For efforts that have resulted in the restoration, protection, and resiliency of the state’s ecological resources. These include forests, wetlands, and stream corridors, as well as habitats for non-game and/or threatened and endangered species and areas prone to flooding.

4. Landowner of the Year:

The landowner should demonstrate a commitment to  sustainable agricultural and/or landscaping practices and procedures and/or the conservation of open space that protects public or private land from future development and/or demonstrates the improvement, enhancement and preservation of wildlife populations and habitat on the property.

5. Healthy & Sustainable Businesses: Independent of the above categories, a business may be recognized for actions in one or more of the following areas:

Waste reduction, recycling, land use, local purchasing, sustainability and resiliency, resource conservation, green infrastructure, or habitat restoration;

Innovative practices or technologies resulting in the cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated properties; and/or

Creation of community-based initiatives that foster involvement, action and effective solutions to the adverse effects of industrial pollution and climate change on overburdened and low-income communities.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations will be accepted from individuals, businesses and educators. You may nominate yourself or your employer or your students or another individual or company whom you believe is worthy of recognition.

In addition, all nominees/projects must:

Be located in the Township; be active within the year prior to the nomination end date (information about additional related experience is welcome), and, for students, not have graduated high school at the time of the nomination; and

Agree to have their program/project shared with others through appropriate publicity, including on the Township’s website.

[Previous award recipients may be nominated again, provided it is for an award category for which they have not been recognized and the activities do not include those already recognized.]

Judging Criteria

Nominations will be evaluated by an EC subcommittee on the following five judging criteria:

  1. Documented Environmental Benefit (30 Points)

Quantify the overall environmental benefits of this program/project during the most recent 12-month period for which data exists. For example: amount of pollution prevented; resources or energy conserved; acres preserved; tonnage recycled; emissions reduced, etc.

  1. Meeting Needs (20 Points)

How this program/project addresses the environmental needs of the Township. This criterion references such issues as originality, effectiveness, risks that were overcome, how it reached audiences, and whether the project is a component of a larger comprehensive plan.

  1. Coverage and Replicability (20 Points)

The long-term impacts of the program/project to the business, community, or school. Whether the project can be replicated in other locations or by other people.

  1. Leadership/Innovation (15 Points)

How this program/project shows leadership and collaboration, and how steps beyond traditional environmental protection efforts have been taken.

  1. Education and Outreach (15 Points)

What education and/or outreach activities were undertaken in association with this program/project to reach or educate affected individuals and/or the general public.

Awards Are Made by a Formal Presentation Ceremony Involving the Township Committee and the Environmental Commission, with Public Dissemination Through the Township’S Resources.

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