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Campbell Farm

Montgomery is a great place to take a walk, hike, or bike. We have an extensive pathways system throughout the Township, many of these off-road pathway areas are connected.

While residential and commercial development continues to threaten open space resources in Central New Jersey, Montgomery has been leading the way by implementing an ambitious land preservation strategy. A key element of that Preservation plan is an extensive pathways network. This planned network of multi-use pathways is designed to link our schools, parks, farmland, historic sites and districts, and residential neighborhoods along scenic stream corridors and preserved uplands. It is also ultimately intended to link our community to the great regional greenway resources of the Sourland Mountain Preserve and the Delaware and Raritan Canal Park.

Reminder: While dogs on leash are welcome at all Montgomery Park facilities, please be considerate and always curb your dog. Smoking is not allowed on Montgomery Township properties.

For information about reserving pavilions or other facilities visit our Park Reservations page or call (609) 466-3023.

While some pathways are actually being constructed by developers, others are being built by the Township through federal and state grant programs, and still others by our local Scouts. The process is ongoing and it will take some time to fully implement the whole plan, but we have made significant progress. It is the purpose of this page to introduce our residents and visitors to the pathways that exist now. As new pathway links are completed, our directory will be updated.

We ask that all residents respect their surroundings and other users by ‘taking only pictures and leaving only footprints.’ Areas are open only from dusk to dawn and are randomly patrolled by parks and police staff. ATVs and alcohol use are not permitted.

The Township Deer Management program allows hunting of whitetail deer by permit on many open space parcels, between September and February. Look for the orange posted signage. No hunting is allowed on Montgomery open space on Sundays.

Approximately a third of Montgomery Township is in some form of open space, including farms and golf course areas. To learn more about our Open Space program and land preservation in Montgomery Township, visit our Open Space page under Planning.

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