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Proof of a rabies vaccination is required prior to licensing, once every three years. Montgomery's Annual Rabies Clinic will take place January 20 and 21, but your pet can go to any town's rabies vaccination clinic or be vaccinated by your veterinarian.



Please use form links, below. All license renewals are due by Jan. 31 to avoid a $25 late fee.

Licensing Questions? Please call the Municipal Clerks Office at (908) 359-8211 ext. 2240.


License renewals are contacted by email or mail so that after Jan. 2 pet owners can renew the license and send payment using below online form links below. New licensees may also use the below forms.

Dog Licensing Interactive Form (Link now active)

Cat Licensing Interactive Form (Link now active)

INTERACTIVE FORM USE TIPS: For Application Type, if selecting Renewal, put in owner's last name and pet's name and your record and address will come up. The GovPilot system is tied to your physical mailing address. If your address is not coming up, leave off Rd. or St. (ie. Search "123 Main").  If your address is still not found, select "Non-Resident or Address Not Found" and go to next line, Application Type

While we strongly encourage use of the above interactive forms, you may instead fill and print these below 2024 short forms (PDF). You may mail with check to the Municipal Center (Montgomery Twp. Animal Control, 100 Community Drive, Skillman, NJ 08558) or drop-off in envelope with check in the Tax Payment drop-box out front clearly labeled "Pet License," or bring form to the Township Clerks Office, second floor at Municipal Center, address above, with exact change or check:

Dog Licensing Fillable PDF Form (Link now active)

Cat Licensing Fillable PDF Form (Link now active)

  • Your pet must be up-to-date on its rabies vaccinations prior to licensing. You must provide proof of rabies vaccination.  A new vaccination is needed if your pet’s last vaccination has expired by or before October 31 of current year. You should also provide proof of the spaying/neutering if the spaying status on the renewal form is incorrect or if it has been done since the last licensing year. This status changes the cost of the license.
  • If you have just moved into town from elsewhere in New Jersey, your dog or cat license from your previous town is good for the calendar year but you must register your pet in Montgomery Township and obtain a new tag for fifty cents.
  • New licenses and renewals are due by January 31 or a $25 late fee is incurred. Call 908-359-8211 ext. 2240 with any questions on pet licenses and pet license renewals.
  • All dogs and cats residing in Montgomery Township who are over seven (7) months or having a permanent set of teeth, must be licensed by the Township by January 31, unless exempt. A $25 late fee will be imposed after January 31. Please make sure that your pet’s rabies vaccine is up-to-date (ie. valid through October 31 of current year). Please have your pet receive a rabies vaccine even if it overlaps with the old vaccine. This assures your pet’s protection should he/she become bitten by another animal or bite someone.
  • Free Pet Rabies Vaccination Clinic Offered in Montgomery Every Year.
  • Dog and cat licensing begins in early January each year. As of October 31 of each year, Montgomery Township no longer issues pet licenses for the current year. We resume issuing licenses as of January the following year.

Rabies Exemption

If you believe your animal should be exempted from the requirement of rabies vaccination due to age or a medical condition, please have your veterinarian fill out the Rabies Vaccination Exemption Form, which must be renewed annually.

Did You Know?  Your pet licensing fee supports Animal Control's work to protect the public health and your pets' safety, including helping lost/stray pets and sick and injured wildlife.

Why is it important to license your pet?

  1. To safeguard public health

    • Every licensed pet has been vaccinated against rabies. This protects your pets, children and neighbors against this deadly disease! When the license tag is visible, you know that the animal has been vaccinated!

  2. To help your pet get home

    • If your pet gets lost, your pet can be returned more quickly and sometimes without a trip to the shelter! If it is impounded and taken to the shelter, it is safer there than it would be roaming the streets in harm’s way. A license tag can be easily traced to the animal’s owner with a phone call. A license tag is your pet’s ticket home.

  3. To help us to enforce laws on responsible pet ownership

    • If we can track pet ownership, then we know where to focus our services and education efforts.

  4. To support the  shelter and adoption of unwanted pets

    • Your yearly license fee helps support sheltering for strays and unwanted pets. It also pays for our leash-free dog park, animal control services, and community education.

  5. It’s the law!

    • Dogs and Cats must be licensed and vaccinated against rabies.

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