Pet Waste and Water Pollution

Pet Waste and Water Pollution

Montgomery Township has adopted and enforces an ordinance that requires immediate and proper disposal of solid pet waste deposited on any property not owned or possessed by the pet owner or keeper. This means discard into a regularly emptied trash receptacle, or disposal into a sewage system (ie. toilet)

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Pet waste is carried by rain, melting snow, and ice to storm drains that empty into rivers, lakes, and the ocean. It also reaches reservoirs that supply much of the drinking water in New Jersey.

Pollution due to pet waste negatively impacts swimming, boating, and fishing in these water bodies.

Pet waste contains microorganisms that can cause bacterial diseases, roundworms, and parasitic infections.

In addition, pet waste contains harmful levels of nutrients which promote excessive algae and plant growth. This can rob the water body of oxygen, potentially killing all aquatic life in the area. Such nutrient pollution also causes waters to become cloudy and green.

Proper Pet Waste Disposal

  • Flush it down the toilet (without flushing bags, debris, or nonbiodegradable items)
  • Or put it in the trash.

Thank you for doing your part to keep New Jersey's waters clean!

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