Guide to Operating A Business in Montgomery

From time to time you may have questions about operating your business in Montgomery and we’re here to help you get answers so that your business can thrive. This guide to operating a business in Montgomery offers quick access to all the important information you need including:

  • A brief summary of local Permits & Inspections typically required for businesses
  • A quick overview of permitted uses in Montgomery’s Business Zoning Districts
  • A listing of Township Initiatives aimed at improving the local business environment
  • Frequently Asked Questions for local businesses

We know there is no better resource out there than our local businesses, and we want to hear from you with any concerns or suggestions on improving the business environment in Montgomery Township.

Staff Contacts

Planning Director
(908) 533-9293

I would like to operate a home-based business. What do I need to do?

What zone am I in?

What’s permitted in my zone? What type of sign is permitted?

Who can help me improve the design of my building or sign?

Contact the Planning Department at (908) 359-8211.

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