Plan Requirements for Building / Zoning Permit Applications

The Engineering Dept. reviews and must issue a prior approval before permits are issued for most building projects.

Plot and grading plans must be submitted with Engineering, Building, and Zoning Permit applications. For guidance, please review the Plot Plan Review Checklist.

Here are a few things that residents should be aware of:

  • Sprinklers, invisible pet fences, walls, landscaping, sheds, fences, driveways, unauthorized drainage discharges, or other private items may not be placed in easements or the municipal right-of-way (varies but usually 10 feet behind road edge)
  • Development in wetlands, wetland buffers, riparian zones, flood hazard areas / floodplains, water courses, critical soils, steep slopes, stream corridors, and conservation easements / deed restrictions is regulated and in most cases prohibited. Wetland, floodplain and conservation areas on lots may not be cleared or regraded
  • Owners are responsible for driveways all the way to the road, including depressed curbing along road edge, aprons, sidewalk through driveway, and driveway culvert pipes. Circular driveways always require permits and must meet specific conditions
  • Any access (including for construction, landscaping, etc.) to property must be through your existing driveway; damaging public sidewalk, curbing, or other infrastructure is subject to enforcement and repair at owner’s expense
  • Keep trees branches and bushes trimmed to not impede public sidewalk or visibility at road intersections
  • Excavators must visit NJ One Call — dial 811, or call (800) 272-1000 — at least 3 business days before digging more than six inches deep anywhere (mandated by State Law and there is no cost)
  • Township Code can be found on the General Code ecode360 website.

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