Residences on Sewer and Private Well

Those sewer users who also have private wells may have their sewer fee based upon water usage by having a meter installed and self-reporting the usage to the township according to the Private Well Meter Installation Rules (as per Township Code section 12-10.4).

Please use the following webform if you have a well and are reporting your usage for sewer fee calculation.

Well Meter Reading Form

for Single Family Dwellings with a Metered Private Well

Installed in accordance with the Water Meter Rules and Regulations for Residential Properties Served by a Private Well and not connected to the Public Water Utility.

Property Owner Name
Meter Reading Information
When was your meter ordered?
Must be Seven Digits, last digit must be a zero
Must be Eight Digits, including decimal

Example Water Meter

(Actual meter may look different)

Water Meter
Meter Reading Period
Please Note:
a. $100.00 meter reading charge will be added to bill if annual reading is not submitted on time
b. If optional quarterly readings are taken, then all 4 quarterly readings are required in accordance with the Water Meter Rules and Regulations
One file only.
128 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.
Certification Information


I certify that this meter reading is true and providing false data may be subject to a meter reading charge:

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