Healthy Lawns Mean Healthy Streams

Algae covered stream Jonathan Larson

Limited amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus are important for healthy lawn growth, but too much can burn lawns AND run off to cause algae blooms that deplete oxygen in streams and harm aquatic life.

What to Do to Save Our Streams & Save Money

  1. Apply fertilizer at the spreader setting shown on the bag; avoid overuse.
  2. Return any unused product to the original container for future use.
  3. Do not apply fertilizers a.) when a heavy rain is predicted, b.) during drought conditions when lawns lie dormant, or c.) before March 1 or after Nov. 15.
  4. Use a drop spreader or a rotary spreader with a side guard to keep fertilizer on the lawn.  Sweep excess from paved surfaces.
  5. For a healthier, greener lawn, fertilize after the first lawn cut in the spring and again in the fall – these are the best times for grass to absorb nutrients.
  6. Soil tests can help identify what nutrients your lawn needs. Contact the Rutgers Master Gardeners Program for free help - 908-526-6293.

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Other tips to prevent non-point source pollution in our streams are found below.

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