Seasonal Notice – Summer

We would like to remind all residents of Montgomery Township of their responsibility to protect our stormwater drainage system for their own benefit as well as our neighbors who live alongside them.

The streams, creeks, drainage ditches and storm sewers in our neighborhoods provide a vital service. By receiving and carrying away any stormwater runoff from our homes and properties, the storms and creeks prevent flooding. Stormwater drainage systems can only function properly if they are kept clear of grass clippings, branches, leaves and other debris that can clog the system. Additionally, standing water that can form behind debris can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Please remember that all of the creeks, ditches and storm sewers in Montgomery Township eventually discharge into larger streams and rivers used for water supply, recreation and other uses. Motor oil or other waste products that are disposed of in a storm sewer very quickly become a serious water pollution problem.

To learn simple ways everyone can help prevent stormwater pollution, please go to our Stormwater Management webpage which includes links to stormwater pollution prevention tips.

Residents are reminded to respect our stormwater drainage system at all times. Do not use them as receptacles for branches, leaves, grass clippings, motor oil or other yard or household wastes. Please dispose of all such materials properly. Some of these materials may be handled through Montgomery Township or Somerset County Solid Waste and Recycling Programs.

As always, spring cleanups call for determining best ways to address yard materials and grass clippings. The Township Container Facility does not take these items, with the exception of branches (See Container Facility page).

Following are some suggestions for homeowners to reduce or eliminate yard waste/grass clippings disposal:


  • Cut it and leave it: Grass clippings provide natural fertilizer for a growing lawn.
    • You probably will only need to mow an additional one or two times a month to clip the top inch off your grass.
  • Time saved by not bagging amounts to 30-35% of your total mowing time.
  • Grass clippings do not cause thatch; this problem is caused by the accumulation of dead roots and stems.
  • Don’t overwater – this causes unnecessary lawn growth.
  • Avoid fertilizing in the early spring.
    • Switching to late summer and late fall will help cut down on excessive spring growth while promoting strong roots.
  • Mulch heavy clippings in your garden.


  • Chip it and use it: Chipped brush used as mulch is an excellent way to hold in moisture during hot summer months.
  • Brush mulch gives any yard a professionally tended look and helps to cut down on weed growth.
  • Lay down a thick layer of mulch (1-1 ½ inches) to maximize the benefits of moisture retention and keeping areas weed free.
  • Make an appointment at the Container Facility. Bundled branches can be brought there for no charge.

Please feel free to contact Montgomery Township Public Works at 908-874-3144 or the Somerset County Division of Solid Waste at 908-231-7031 with any questions. Additional information on minimizing and controlling yard and household waste can be obtained from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service at 908-526-6293.

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