Burglary Prevention Checklist

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Burglary Prevention Checklist

Montgomery Police along with law enforcement agencies throughout the region are investigating a spike in daytime residential burglaries. A number of the burglary victims are local small business owners. We would like to remind residents, business owners and their employees to report any suspicious activity. Please also periodically check security devices and surveillance cameras to ensure the point of view is not obscured and that they are properly charged.

The following is a burglary prevention checklist to help safeguard your home and belongings:

  • Are your doors and windows locked every time you leave?
  • Are all entry areas unobstructed by landscaping to permit maximum visibility?
  • Does your sliding door have a secondary lock?
  • Is your sliding door prevented from lifting off its track?
  • Do you have an alarm system?
  • Do you always set your alarm?
  • Are the windows on your second floor secured?
  • Do you have a list, picture or video of all your valuables including serial numbers?
  • Is your house number clearly visible from the street?
  • Are all entrances and gangways well lit and free of concealment?
  • Are your ladders or bins that might be used to gain entry out of sight?
  • Are windows at least 40” from any door locks?
  • Are your garage doors closed and windows locked and secured?
  • Are valuables blocked from being visually seen from the street?
  • Can you see who is at the door without opening it?
  • Do you have motion sensor lights installed?
  • Are the gates to your yard locked?
  • Do you have high definition surveillance cameras, are the batteries charged?
  • Do you lock up outdoor valuables such as grills, lawnmowers, etc?
  • Do you have inside lights on timers? 
  • Is your safe locked & secured to the floor?
  • Do you know how to access your security video including the password?

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