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Montgomery Township Public Recreational Bathing Facilities

All Public Recreational Bathing Facilities in the Township are regulated by state and local codes. The facilities are required to be licensed and inspected each year by the Health Department. The following links go to applicable local regulations and state regulations on this topic.

The fee for an annual Public Recreational Bathing License is $300.00 annually. The license application can be found here: 

Sanitation at Public Swimming Pools

The Health Department inspects every recreational establishment at least once a year at the start of the bathing season. We make sure that pool water is sanitary, that safety equipment is functioning properly, and that staff are properly trained.

2016 List of Public Swimming Pool Inspection Status
Pool Date Status
Bedens Brook Club 5/24/2016 Satisfactory
Carrier Clinic 5/26/2016 Satisfactory
Cherry Valley Country Club 5/20/2016 Satisfactory
King’s Crossing 5/13/2016 Satisfactory
Montgomery High School 10/13/2016 Satisfactory
Nassau Tennis Club 6/17/2016 Satisfactory
Pennington School 7/25/2016 Satisfactory
Pike Run 5/12/2016 Satisfactory
Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center 2/03/2016 Satisfactory
Province Line Swim Club 5/26/2016 Satisfactory
Stonebridge at Montgomery 12/21/2016 Satisfactory
Tapestry at Montgomery 5/25/2016 Satisfactory


To receive an email copy of the full inspection report of a particular bathing establishment, contact this health [at] (Email).

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