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Public Health Alert Tianeptine


The New Jersey Department of Health’s Public Health and Food Protection Program (PHFPP) is continuing to receive reports of Neptune’s Fix and other tianeptine-containing products being sold in fuel station convenience stores and subsequent adverse health effect incidents as a result of consuming these products.  There may be other types of retail food establishments having these products on their shelves, but all of the reported incidents to date have originated from fuel station convenience stores.

Tianeptine is not FDA-approved for any medical use.  The FDA has advised that: There is a reasonable probability of life-threatening events including suicidal ideation or behavior for children, adolescents, and young adults 25 and younger. In addition, individuals could unintentionally overdose and experience serious and potentially life-threatening risks including confusion, seizures, drowsiness, dry mouth, and shortness of breath, which may be exacerbated by alcohol use. Further, the risks of adverse effects associated with use of tianeptine along with antidepressants, known as monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOls), are potentially serious and life-threatening.

On January 28, 2024, Neptune Resources, LLC issued a Class 1 Recall of all Neptune's Fix Elixir, Neptune's Fix Extra Strength Elixir, and Neptune's Fix Tablets Neptune Resources, LLC Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Neptune’s Fix | FDA.  A HAN-NJLINCS message communicating this recall was issued on February 2, 2024.  Photos of the affected products are in the above attachment.

At this time, PHFPP is requesting the assistance of all local health departments (LHDs) to investigate fuel station convenience stores and any other retail food establishments where the recalled Neptune Fix products may be located.  If found, the products should be voluntarily destroyed or embargoed, if refusals are encountered.

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