Street / Right-of-Way Opening Permit

Township Code Chapter 11-1

Work within Township roadways, right-of-way, and easements requires a Street / Right-of-Way Permit. Applicants must also provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance. Examples of work include but are not limited to roadway excavation; interruption of traffic flow; utility work including connections to sewer, water, gas, etc.; curb and sidewalk work; driveway construction, maintenance, repair, and relocation; connections to storm sewers and installing drainage discharges.

Basic minimum application requirements and information:

  • Scaled drawings of proposed work with pertinent details, usually on property survey or plot plan
  • If work will impact traffic, MUTCD conforming temporary traffic control plans are required
  • Insurance, inspection fees, and bond fees apply and are determined during application review
    • Bond fees are eligible for release with applicant’s written request (email preferred) 6 months after final inspection by Engineering Department; inspection fees are non-refundable
  • Sump pumps, interceptor drains, or other front yard drainage discharges shall be tied into the storm sewer system where possible

Restriction on permits:

  • No permit will be issued within 3 years of road resurfacing or within 5 years of new construction / reconstruction

Permit for Driveway Construction

Township Code Chapter 11-2

Installing, repairing, or maintaining a private driveway within a public right-of-way requires a Street / Right-of-Way Opening Permit.

Basic minimum application requirements and information

  • There is a $5.00 application fee
  • Driveway pipes (where applicable) shall be sized by a Professional Engineer, shall be no less than 15-inches inner diameter and made of reinforced concrete or ductile iron

Exempt activities

  • Minor repairs such as filling holes or cracks which does not affect the roadside drainage are exempt from a permit provided notification is given to the Engineering Department

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