The Master Plan

What will Montgomery look like in ten years? In twenty years? Today’s planning decisions will shape our future. In-depth planning reports are posted below. All residents are encouraged to become aware of and involved in your town’s planning process. Montgomery has experienced tremendous growth in the past few decades.* Much effort has gone into master planning to preserve Montgomery’s scenic vistas, farms, fields, and woodlands while providing the amenities residents need such as roads, schools, utilities, fire and police services for our town’s 8,000 plus households and businesses. As our township has grown, the challenge lies in preventing development sprawl and preserving rural character while addressing traffic and allowing sensible growth that helps to balance our tax base.

Master Plan

1971 Master Plan

Adopted November 1971

Amendments through 2021

Periodic Reexamination – August 2017

Periodic Reexamination – December 2008

Periodic Reexamination – November 2001

Periodic Reexamination – April 1998

Periodic Reexamination Report Summary, June 1993

Master Plan Elements, Amendments & Other Reports

*According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau estimates available in 2020, there are approximately 23,690 people that call Montgomery home. Our land area is a little under 33 square miles. From 1990 to 2018 Montgomery’s population density increased from 294.8 persons to 720.3 persons per square mile. In the thirty years from 1960 until 1990, Montgomery’s density increased from 118 people to 294 people/sq. mi.

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